The gLOVEme® brand was born in 2004 and since its origins we have used the shape of the square to communicate.

Initially they were simple business cards, in fact to emphasize the originality that our brand wanted to represent in the world of gloves, we decided to introduce ourselves with an original format for that time:  a square business card.





In 2008 - attracted by the image of our childhood when the television programs ended -  we came up with the idea of including those squares as a background for our logo



In 2010 the desire for renewal led us to decline the squares, used as a solid background for our logo, in a cleaner version that maintained the liveliness of the colors making them more legible, and this was the result.

2018 marked a year for us at gLOVEme® when the foundations were laid for profound changes.

The world was changing quickly and we too had a mature desire to give our project a new face.

New people and energies entered the team and also our squares were the object of ponders and thereafter of change.

Indeed, something so important to us had to become more meaningful.

In 2019 our square acquired a third dimension becoming a distinctive sign not only because it was placed next to the logo but because it was physically applied to the products.

This restiling was deep and from a distinctive sign it became a practical element since thanks to a bracelet (in coated and colored steel) our products could be hooked together or onto other stands.





And this is our brand today ....