DNA is the heritage we receive from those who preceded us and that in turn we pass on to those who will come after us.

When we talk about gLOVEme®, we cannot ignore the use of some words that identify us deeply.

Some of these terms we have inherited, perhaps unconsciously, but we have learned to appreciate and take care of them.

Others were born together with our project and we carry them ahead with passion and pride.

These adjectives are:



construed as the expression of a “savoir faire” transmitted from generation to generation, costing millions of hours and lives, which have tried and tried again to create unique objects.

Unique because born from the mind and created by hands.


 which is for us the expression of what our people have been able to achieve through the generations, tying them to the territory and the history.

A capacity that makes us proud and that we are recognized all over the world for, a very precious heritage that gLOVEme® preserves and perpetuate with love.



from the beginning our payoff has been "All the color you wish" it is therefore obvious that color is linked to our brand and products in an essential way, and embodies for us all the wonder and joy that the world offers to us.



for us, novelty means being aware of the inheritance received, knowing how to enhance and pass it on not as a sterile element but rather enriching it with our ability, son of our time, to make it richer and perhaps a little different.

We are pleased to recall a phrase that a friend of ours, Diego Casciola used to describe gLOVEme:


A world of colors

made of

genuine leather,


of high-quality

italian manufacturing,


of lifestyle,


of passion.