The gLOVEme® DNA

Our brand was born from a dream to spread color and originality in the world.
Our ambition is to make accessible to all a high-quality handmade product Made in Italy.
gLOVEme® reinvents the use of leather in the colors, in the design, refinement of details,
in a constant search of the uniqueness result by passion and experience.

All made in Italy by highly specialized craftsmen.


The fine craftsmanship of gLOVEme®, gloves, typical of the Neapolitan artisan tradition, gives our products a refinement and an unrivaled wearability and a great sensual to the touch.

With gLOVEme®you can dare: We provide many as 72 colors available, variety of leather typologies, many models for any kind of occasion and constantly updated to fashion trends, all that to give to your hands a better chance to be remarkable.

Made in Italy

We personally take care of every production phase.
This means being in front of a product that has all the characteristics of uniqueness.

Buying a product made according to this philosophy means placing himselfe into a "historical flow" which guarantees to the most genuine continuity with an illustrious past.

gLOVEme® is only Made in Italy.

The gLOVEme® products

gLOVEme® offering a wide variety of products inviting the customer to realize their own desire to dare, or simply to make themselves recognize in an individual way with a touch of color.

All products are made in order to be perfectly coordinated each other.
You start by choosing a pair of gloves in a fashion color, combined with a soft leather bag, a matching colored wallet, a coordinated belt and finally a precious scarf.

gLOVEme® focuses on the highest quality standards relating to the leather used, which need to adapt to hand movement.


In this sense it is maximized the know-how brought by the master glove makers in a way that the leather, once worked, are elastic with high quality stitching.

The main types of leathers used are: NAPPA, DEER, PEKARY and MERINOS. The liners combined with the leathers are finally our strong point: CASHMERE, SILK, CASHMERE & SILK, LAPIN AND WOOL.


Women's Collection and Men's Collection, always up with fashion.
gLOVEme® creates gloves for customers looking for highest quality at an affordable price, everything to make your hands unforgettable. Our gloves can be selected based on a variety colors and lining: unlined, silk lined, cashmere lined, doubled "cashmina" (silk and cashmere), rabbit fur and wool.


Cinture in vera pelle realizzate artigianalmente in Toscana nei colori moda.
Each gLOVEme® belt is customizable: it is cut to size in our boutiques, choosing a most suitable buckle and is assembled to perform an ad hoc perfect accessory for our customers.


All gLOVEme® bags are made of genuine leather and made by Tuscan craftsmen under our supervision.
The choice of colors, leathers and models is the result of studies on the current fashion trends, customer needs to satisfy their practical needs.


We offer an amazing selection of soft scarves of the finest materials: silk, cashmere, linen and other textile fibers that provide a pleasant contact with your skin.


From simple credit card holders up to the most complete and roomy wallet where to keep everything that is essential for you anywhere.
Made of genuine leather, bright colors or sober, big or small, man or woman: each customer will satisfy his needs.


Umbrellas, key chains, beauty bag, bracelets complete the wide range of accessories MADE IN ITALY that will satisfy the tastes of gLOVEme® clients.